My 1 million dollar check

Let’s be honest, we all want a million dollars to ourself. So we have to get out of our comfort zone, start claiming and believe it can happen. Being able to take care of your family and needs is a great feeling, but have you ever wanted a little more, be able to leave your comfort zone of only being able to take car of your needs. We all have big dreams,but we have to stop dreaming and wake up and start dreamchasing.

Remember to  visualization is an essential tool for attracting your dreams and desires. To manifest in your outer life, your dreams must first manifest inside your mind.

So lets leave our comfort zone & write that million dollar check.

Tonight I am writing myself a 1 million dollar check and I’m going to manifest in it. I’m going to sit this check on my night stand and that will be my motivation everyday to get my check.

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The launch of has finally come.

Welcome to The Pynk Room by myself Jodi Amor. I am a custom fashion Designer. I have been in love with fashion since a kid. I never was one to follow trends, I make my own. As a kid I was called weird because I always put anything together and made it Werk. I opened my own woman clothing store focused on all custom pieces, because when I went shopping, I already knew the look I wanted but could never find it in stores. So I’m like, why not make my own designs, and I can have exactly what I want.


My goal is to make women all around the world feel beautiful in each piece I design. Whether its, sexy, sophisticated, classy, chic or fierce. We have you covered over here at The Pynk Room. Every Women closet deserves a little pink!!


“For me, clothes are kind of character; I don’t follow fashion or understand trends” – Meryl Streep

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